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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome to Trainers 1: The Beginnings of Toilet Training

Ahh, yes, toilet training.

October 2010

Here we are, 2.5 weeks down in her new classroom and she's already making strides.

Messy ones at times:
4/18/11, poop + bathtub containing child from whence it came and multitude of toys = 
"OMG, Mama, when I say I have to CACA, I don't mean you have 30 leisurely seconds to lift the lid on the toilet, gingerly scoop me out of the tub...I MEAN NOW!!!"

However, progress has been charted, even with baby steps.

We're pretty open at home, so if you're offended at the lack of 'appropriateness' or lack of privacy for her in this blog entry (and any future ones for that matter--Uhhh, hello?! Thinking, feeling, sharing Mother here), please make your way to the exit. Everyone does it. Pees and poops, "it" is. I mean "it" is SO common, someone wrote a book for children called just that,"Everyone Poops". And here's another not so genteel way to put it: "Everybody Poops 410 Pounds A Year"

Carina "moved-up" to Trainers 1 at school on April 4th and in this classroom they hit the ground running with potty training as soon as the child demonstrates he/ she is ready and showing interest. We've been working with Carina, complete with gender appropriate demonstrations, and showing her how it all goes down since last Fall, so she's not unfamiliar with this whole shabang and so far has taken to it pretty well. She gladly asks to "go peepee", helps remove her "dadoo" (diaper, for those of you unfamiliar with her language, Carina-ese), asks for "paper" so she can get "all clean, BOOP-BOOP", and then happily, nakey-ly toddles over to the handle to "fush". She's only actually USED the toilet twice so far, but that's two times fewer in diapers. 
I'm notoriously looking for a silver-lining.

Dada has been talking about how excited he is about potty training, pooping in the toilet especially, and so on since...well, since she was in utero. The topic became a hot one once she was out of the womb and filling up diapers faster than we could change them it seemed. The day she took her 1st consecutive, 5 or 6 unaided steps (around 11 months old), Dada looked at her as she was arriving in his arms and said to her,"Look at you, Big Girl! Walking! Now you can learn to use the toilet!" I didn't note even a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he said it either.  Who could blame him? 

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