White Pine, and the world over, according to Carina: the ordinary is extraordinary. A day filled with events that we adults often overlook as nothing more than routine, mundane, and normal is cast in a completely different light when viewed through Carina's wide eyes: it is an adventure into Wonderland.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Carina's Birthday Party at M&P's


 Mamaw whet her appetite for cake..

 Papaw busted them.

 Getting scolded. Yeah, right.

 Presents first...

 Spring-y outfits, picked out by Carina's very own Personal Shopper and Part-time Stylist: Papaw.

 Ooooooh, Play-Doh!

 Fascinated. She caught on very quickly!
 Dada made something INAPPROPRIATE with Carina's play-doh. Can't ya tell? 
If I didn't know better, I would think she KNEW exactly what it was he made...

 Trying out the different shape-makers

 Being sung to for at least the 3rd time that day. 

3/4 of her Birthday Quartet (with Mama manning the camera)

3rd serving of birthday cake for the day. Surely that's a family record!

How fun...

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