White Pine, and the world over, according to Carina: the ordinary is extraordinary. A day filled with events that we adults often overlook as nothing more than routine, mundane, and normal is cast in a completely different light when viewed through Carina's wide eyes: it is an adventure into Wonderland.

Monday, June 13, 2011


blogging weekly is asking too much. Or is it?
getting 8 hours of sleep is expecting too much. Or is it?
eating dinner BEFORE Carina goes to bed is unrealistic. Or is it?
taking the time to craft, work with photos, paint, or create is time we don't have. Or do we?

So this past weekend we made sure to try to get some of these under our belts. Except for sleeping. That would've been nice. A teething toddler who MIGHT have a head cold/ sinus infection doesn't sleep very well at night unless doped up on all of doctor's recommended medicines to treat all presenting symptoms: drainage=1/4 tsp of Benadryl at bedtime; Ibuprofen for fever and teething pain; AmoxK/Clav for sinus infection. I followed doctor's orders Friday night and Carina slept beautifully just like she normally does. And then Saturday overnight I felt a lot like Alice of Alice in Wonderland when she chides herself for thinking she gives herself good advice, but in that instance didn't take her own advice. This is one of Carina's favorites lately. And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad because it's one of mine, too. She loves to "Sing Alice Songs". :-)
I half-heartedly decided that I didn't want Carina to take so much medicine at once while also not having much of an appetite lately (a result of teething) and not drinking as much as she should (again teething, darn 2 year molars), but I also knew that her doctor said it would be fine to give her these 3 meds since there was little adverse risk. I should have listened to my good advice and the doctor's. Sooooooo, I only gave her the AmoxK and Ibu. And wouldn't you know it, she woke up a few times both Saturday night and Sunday night and since I'm a light sleeper, so did I. The difference between us: she went back to sleep pretty quickly each time and I didn't. Tonight, Carina, you will be sufficiently drugged according to doctor's orders if you need these meds. Mama needs the sleep and so do you. Trust me. Now begins the mantra chanting to squelch that growing guilt-fear-worry ball in the pit of my stomach. I'm a great Mama. I'm a Great Mama. I'M A GREAT MAMA...

On a MUCH lighter note, I supervised Carina while she fingerpainted a birdhouse on Sunday. A sunny day, a shady place in the grass, a Sunday paper and 4 primary color tubes of Crayola fingerpaint did the trick! I picked up this birdhouse from an arts and crafts supplies dealer on eBAY last fall, but comparable ones are available at Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, etc. She and I had SO MUCH FUN doing it in some old clothes we didn't mind possibly staining! All of the paint washed out easily from our clothes and off of our skin. Her favorite colors to use were green, red, and the purple I mixed up for her. She preferred to paint the roof. The sides weren't as much fun or as well textured, according to her. She's not a fan of getting her hands dirty or making messes, so it took a little coaxing to really get her into it. I know she's fingerpainted at school and a couple times at home, but she's still not all about the mess. I hear ya, C. I've NEVER been interested in getting my hands dirty, fingerpainting for extended periods of time, or eating BBQ ribs with my hands (I use a fork). Modeling clay or Kiln clay is another story--that's fabulously dirty fun! More fun, off the cuff crafts to come, dear!

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