White Pine, and the world over, according to Carina: the ordinary is extraordinary. A day filled with events that we adults often overlook as nothing more than routine, mundane, and normal is cast in a completely different light when viewed through Carina's wide eyes: it is an adventure into Wonderland.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

fotos, photos, snapshots, pix, et al.

 May has sure had "quick feet"! (Carina's favorite line in "The Foot Book" is "Slow feet...QUICK FEET")
Here are a few of the photographic highlights.

 Happy Big Girl Bed Day!
 Showing us her silly face. She had just learned this one.
 Dada and Carina inspecting the new arrival.

Carina's 1st BM on the toilet at school! She'd done it at home, but this was a big deal, too!
Miss Nikki gave her an awesome My Little Pony sticker for her accomplishment and Carina told me all about her sticker when I picked her up that day. 
"Mama, I gotta sticker." "Why did you get a sticker, honey?" "Mama, I went caca inna toilet!"

 Happy Mother's Day!

 Expecting Portrait Session with Courtney, Bear, Nessa and Alfred at The Knoxville Botanical Gardens & Arboretum.

The rain held off just long enough for a beautiful afternoon with beautiful photos! Can't wait to meet Izzy, guys, and to have many more sessions with you all!

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