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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, you read that correctly: 'sssssnnnnnnnneeeeeeeewwwwww'. That's 'snow' spelled how Carina says it. Like how 'new' is pronounced, but take a deep breath and add a few S's to the beginning. 

We woke up to a world of white today and what a beautiful, fluffy snow it is! 'White Pine' is surely living up to its name today! Now, we understand that there might be a few 'Snow Grinches' out there reading this post who are probably far less than thrilled about the 1:40 ratio of rain:snow (some areas in the mountains already have 42") in our area, but we love, love, LOVE IT! We had about 2"-3", I'd say. Even driving in it wasn't all that bad. Just remember: always assume that everyone else doesn't know what the heck they are doing, 'slow and steady', and DON'T PANIC! 

Following those simple rules, we made it to Mamaw and Papaw's house for Carina to spend the day with them (and with Wee and the kitties) since her school is closed, then Jared and I made our trek together to work. During the ride, we had a conversation that went like this:

Jen: Snow Days just aren't the same when you get older. Remember how much fun Snow Days were when you were a kid?
Jared: Yeah...  (probably thinking fondly of snowball fights, hot chocolate, and collapsing snow forts)
Jen: We used to get out of school for a few flurries in Nashville. People just freak at the first sign of a flake there!
Jared: (laughs) Yeah, when we got out for snow, we definitely had SNOW up North.
Jen: I think growing up in the South and going to school down here have given me unrealistic expectations about Snow Days and what they're really like when you get to be an adult. Just another way that school doesn't necessarily prepare us for 'Real Life' scenarios...
Jared: How's that?
Jen: Well, the whole world doesn't stop for us now just because of a few flakes: adults go to work. So I definitely don't get to stay in bed watching cartoons and drinking hot chocolate today.
Jared: Yeah, it sucks. At least Carina will have a great day looking at it all out there through the window...
Jen: I'm sure she will...but I'm still dreaming of snuggling on the couch all day with hot chocolate and you two.
Jared: Me, too, babe...me, too.

Today's Snow (though these photos don't do it justice)

Wheeler Road, coming up on Mamaw and Papaw's... 
Out-of-season, but festive no less.
To Jared, From Jen

Mamaw's Pretty Wreaths

Sunday's Flurries // Christmas Card Photo Shoot Take 1
 Brrrr, baby, it's cold outside!

 She had to bring her friends: Lolly and Arrreeee (her frog sound)

 Tasting snow for the first time...

 Ugh, jeez, Mama, why'd you let me taste this stuff?!

 Taking it all in...

 These flurries move too darn fast to be so light and fluffy!

 Here, Mama, you taste it! It's delicious...I promise!

More Share-worthy Photos Taken During The Past Week
 Dada helping me put on my 'ring bracelets'. I must do this EVERY bathtime.


 Dada turned me into 'Toddler Santa'...

 and I think Honey Shea Johnson and Johnson's Baby Wash bubbles are delicious!

 Hanging out with Dada. He taught me how to play XBOX 360 like he does, complete with unbreakable, intense stare.

<3 I love Jacques <3

 Full-steam ahead on Mamaw's bus!

 'Byyyyye, bus!'

 Jacque's expression while Carina is running towards him: "Oh, crap!"

 Carina's expression while she's running towards Jacques: "I'm gonna get you!"

"Mama, bus?"
I'm sure Carina and Mamaw are having a blast hanging out together today. Maybe Jared and I can have a snowball fight after Carina goes to bed tonite. We would hate for her to get caught up in the crossfire...well, at least until she's big enough to hurl snowballs back at us!


ISH said...


I want some! Will Carina share?

ISH said...

By the way: ADORABLE baby sweater dress!

Jared, Jen, and Carina said...

Thanks, Aunt Jub!